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To remove a contact item, place your cursor in the appropriate row, click the Row button in the text editor control bar, and then scroll down to select the Delete Row option from the scrollable drop down list.

To change a hyperlink (like the link to Facebook), click on the underlined text and then click on the Edit Link option. Change the appropriate information and then click the blue Update button to save your changes.

To add a form to this page, place your cursor in the location where you would like the form displayed and then click the Insert Form button in the text editor control bar. More information about customizing forms can be found in the Forms section of the User Manual

If you accidentally deleted the icons that normally appear next to each item on this sample page, you can download replacements here. After your download the replacements, unzip the file and upload the individual icons to Images All Images Upload Images. Once the icons are uploaded, to place an icons next to a contact item, place your cursor in the appropriate table cell and then click the Insert Image button in the text editor control bar. 

If you'd like to develop your own icons that match the sample icons shown below, create square images that measure 60px by 60px and that are set to the color #6f6f6f (rgb 111, 111, 111) or the color of your choice.

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Joe the Photo Pro
123 Happy Way
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 555-5555
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